Parents of Benny
OT sessions at FiVE has immensely benefited my six year old boy, diagnosed with hyperactivity and inadequate attention. He has actually slowed down. Now he is so much more sober and well-behaved. 
Family and friends who earlier looked upon him as this "naughty", 'fidgeting', demanding kid presently find him to be very different. In fact they remark that 'something' has changed in Benny. 
As his mother, I am unable to pin down in particular the changes that he has undergone. But overall I notice he is far more agreeable now, willing to listen to reason if he is not agitated /angry and has become sensitive to others needs and space. 
He is more willing to listen and carry out requests, is able to independently get ready for school with cues and if 'properly' motivated will listen to and obey a normal tone request. 
Also by observing how the therapists at Five manage him during the sessions, I have tried to incorporate plenty of positive reinforcement, a firm tone if he delays and more structured, purpose oriented activities to do and not just mindless play. 
Thank you FiVE for all the help.
P.S – I do not have to spank him at all except once in a blue moon for very very unacceptable behaviors.
Parents of Eshita
When my daughter Eshitah completed 5th STD, I was called for a meeting with the principal from her school regarding her performance of overall academics. I was really worried about my daughter's academics because she got very low marks in all subjects; she got single digit marks in all subjects & lots of spelling mistakes, and problems in reading. Principal asked us to meet a psychiatrist for this, I was very much confused and did not know what to do. She referred to Dr.V.V.Varadarajan, Child Specialist. After a long assessment, he told me that she has Dyslexia (Learning Disability). When I heard this my world came crashing down about me. I was very much worried about her future. She is already 12 yrs old. Then, our doctor referred to a remedial centre, The Five Center in Chennai.
After getting an appointment at FiVE, I took her for assessment. Then after detailed evaluation and assessment, my daughter joined for the remedial classes as per Mrs.Sowmya's advice and encouragement. She has been with The Five since June 2009. Since then, the special educator started one to one remediation for my daughter and treated her with a very positive approach. Slowly my daughter was improving her skills in reading and writing. Now she is able to read simple sentences and write without any difficulties. She is also improving in her Math. This happened only because of Diana, she took care of her overall development, and also guided us too as to how to treat my daughter and the ways through which we can enhance her learning and support her. It was purely due to her untiring efforts, my daughter has come to a level of reading and writing individually without other's help.
I would like to Thank FiVE immensely without whom my daughter would not have been what she is today. I can only say that God has shown a way for my daughter through FiVE. 

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