It Takes Two To Talk Certification for SLPs

Date: 15th Sep, 2017 - 17th Sep, 2017

by HANEN Center - Canada

The Hanen Centre (www.hanen.org) is a non-profit charitable organization founded in Canada in 1975. Their mission is to provide parents, caregivers, early childhood educators and speech-language pathologists with the knowledge and training they need to help all preschool children develop the best possible language, social and literacy skills, including those children with or at risk of language delays and those with developmental challenges.

The It Takes Two to Talk (ITTT) certification workshop is a three-day train-the-trainer workshop specially designed for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) led by a trained Hanen Instructor. The ITTT workshop equips SLPs to apply the Hanen approach to working with families of young children with language delays.

Developed by expert speech-language pathologists and grounded in extensive research, the It Takes Two to Talk Program has been proven in clinical practice to have positive effects on the communication development of young children. Naturalistic intervention forms the basis of the It Takes Two to Talk Program. Parents learn practical ways to tweak the way they interact with their child to promote language learning throughout every part of their child’s day.

Highlights of the program:
    The ITTT workshop equips you with an evidence-based, early language intervention program with the tools to effectively involve parents in their child’s intervention.
    The ITTT workshop teaches you the most effective ways to engage parents to ensure absorption, retention, and generalization of the strategies you teach them.
    The key component of ‘Video Taping’ the parent-child interactions, maximizes parents' ability to retain the strategies they have learned.
    The workshop provides you with a complete set of user-friendly resources to support and supplement your therapy.
    The checklists help you set goals for each child based on their developmental stage.

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Benefits For Participants:

  • For Speech-Language Therapists
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